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What is Nanny Share? 

Answer: A nanny share program is a program in which Nanny goes to one families house but where 2 or 3 families may have children.

How is this different than In-Home Daycare?
With Nanny share, nanny still reports to a client location just like in a nanny relationship.  The families decide which home will host nanny and kids.  Additionally, nanny share programs are with families that know each other and have agreed to work together prior to seeking a relationship with the agency.

What is the benefit of Nanny Share?
Nanny Share Programs help to spread the cost of having a more private childcare plan, among 2 or 3 families.

What are the limitations?
: These programs are not for families with multiple children.  They are designed for single child families that would like their children socialized and would like to reduce the cost of having a nanny when they only have a single child.

Childcare generally doubles for 2 children and nearly triples when you have 3 children, when using a daycare center to provide childcare services. This is for good reason.  Typically, you would have children in different rooms with different teachers an deduct from a total ratio allowable for the facility and room.  Not the case with a nanny.  Typically, up to 3 kids will be cared for without much of an increase in the rate for a nanny.  However, that means when you have only one child, you pay the same as with 3 children and nanny must have a livable wage.

Who are good candidates for this program?
  • Families with a single toddler or young child.(ages 1 - 5)
  • Families doing homeschool or virtual school programs with 1 or 2 school aged children
(Homeschool curriculum must be provided)

What is the student capacity for this program?
 When using toddler share programs or with young children, no more than 3 children/families will be allowed.  In virtual school situations, no more than 4 children and 3 families.

What is enrollment cost for these programs?
  Each family is responsible for their own enrollment fee ($150 annually).  The matching fee and hourly rate are split between families and will be on the higher end of the range at each level of nanny. See Pricing and Qualifications.

Things to consider:
*If a family doesn't come one day, the families are responsible for the total amount for that day. In this way, its acts like a childcare facility where the weekly tuition is the same, even if your child is out one day.

*A single host house should be decided on prior to any commitments.

*Families should know each other and work well together.

*If members of the host family are sick, a different home should be utilized and that share member must keep their child home. These programs do not cover sick childcare due to exposure of children in the other households.

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