COVID-19 Action Plan

The nanny industry has become needed now, more than ever before. We provide families a critical service and that is a responsibility we don’t take lightly. Nannies help keep families from being overwhelmed by the incredible responsibility of both working and overseeing the home learning environment that is now commonplace.  Furthermore, having a nanny, allows a parent to elect to keep students and other family members safe by continuing with the virtual learning because they have that extra set of hands for the kids.

We are proud to be able to contribute in this way and want to ensure that our services are provided in a way that is safe for both our nannies and our families.

Our Policies

We must follow CDC guidelines and must pause services if:
  • You or anyone in your household has exhibited signs or symptoms of COVID-19 infection or other illness in the last 14 days, especially shortness of breath accompanied by fever.
  • If anyone in the household has been diagnosed with COVID-19, the family must quarantine for 14 days and be medically cleared before services may be resumed.

  • Employees must notify their supervisor immediately if they experience COVID-19 related symptoms.
  • Employees exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 (coughing, fever, shortness of breath) must wait a full 14 days before returning to work. Employees that have been diagnosed with COVID-19, must provide a release to come back to work from a doctor. 
  • Employees must wash hands upon entering a home before any contact with a member of the family.  They must wash hands hourly throughout the day.  Heightened hygiene will also be monitored with children in the home.
  • Employees will wear a mask should the family request it.  All outings into public spaces will require a mask.  We urge families to provide masks for your children age 2 and older but require them for kids 10 and over due to current state masking requirements.  
  • Employees are strongly encouraged to follow all precautions recommended by the CDC including frequent hand washing, social distancing, proper sanitation practices in the home, etc. and are required to follow all local ordinances and laws.
  • The Nanny Relief Fund has additional information and it can be found here.

Additional Policy Changes
  • We request patience and understanding during these times due to high influx of calls as a result of the COVID epidemic.  While we work diligently to match quickly, we may experience longer wait times as a result.  We will discuss any delays in matching with you proactively.
  • Employees and families are required to temp check prior to a scheduled workday (the day of).  These will be recorded before a nanny may go to a home.
  • In the case of a confirmed positive COVID-19 result, we will notify all parties involved.  If a nanny is diagnosed, families that have come in contact with that nanny will be proactively notified and the recommendation is to quarantine or obtain a COVID-19 test. We will also inform any nanny of any exposures to infected households. This requires that all parties are 100% transparent about suspected or confirmed cases.

We appreciate your support and partnership during these uncertain times and thank you for being a valued member of the Missing Peace Family. May you all be healthy, safe and blessed in this time of unrest.