Infant Care

Infant care services include:
  • Mothers Helper - a nanny can help you with your newborn infant for a specified number of hours per day to allow you to rest.
  • Full or Part time infant care while you work in or out of the home.
  • Sleep  Training
These services may be long term or for a predefined amount of time and may be part time or full time placements.

It is imperative that the search occurs during pregnancy to ensure that you have someone in place in time for baby's arrival.  6 weeks prior to birth is optimal.

You will begin with a consultation in which we establish your family’s needs and background.  You select the experience level for the nanny that will best fit your need and we guide you through the enrollment process while getting you matched with your nanny.

For more information on our process click here.

Long term services are annual contracts that you may renew every year and keep the same nanny.  Upon your initial enrollment, we will match you up with a nanny and get your program started with the enrollment contract terms.  Rematches are part of the program on an as needed basis, but you may keep your nanny year over year.

*Please keep in mind that all our nannies are w-2 employed by Missing Peace. This has the benefit that all payroll documentation and taxes are handled by us, and that we will provide you with necessary documentation to file deductions on your taxes at the end of the year.  It also allows us to ensure that nannies receive ongoing training in curriculum, best practices, and CPR/first aid as part of their employment.  It ensures that our nannies maintain a traceable employment history through the state so that they qualify for appropriate benefits.  This means that you must contract with us to continue working with your placement.

Other Services